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Welcome to the Braves Baseball website!


Braves Baseball is currently holding

private tryouts for our (2021) Baseball Season

for the following Age Groups:

Braves 7U, 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U, 15U Teams

*Roster Spots still available for 2021 season


(2021) Braves Travel Baseball Private Tryouts:  

Email Braves Baseball via link below to schedule a Braves Baseball Private Tryout for 2021 Season:


7U / 8U: 














*We try to have 2 Braves Teams Per Age Group each Season*

*2 Teams Per Age Group is not a gurantee - Braves Organization reserves the right to add more or less teams Per Age Group depending on number of players that tryout for 2021 season.


If you would like to be considered for the Braves, and want to schedule a private tryout for the 2021 season.

please contact:

To schedule a Private Tryout for 2021 Season.


Braves Baseball will be very selective in tryout process for upcoming 2021 season

  • Our criteria for Braves 2021 selection process will be based off of multiple facets:
  • Skill level
  • Baseball IQ
  • Player commitment to 2021 winter practices, season games & all team practices etc..
  • Player Attitude, Player Focus, Player Desire
  • *Parent behavior in regards to: Parent non-productive Involvement, Parent Disruption, Parent unsolicited interference with Teams, Organization, Coaches, Trainers and Braves Staff.

Braves Organization has the right to offer and or refuse potential players a spot on a Braves Team based off of the best interest of Braves Teams and Organization.

(No matter how good of a player - Braves will politely decline to offer a commitment letter to any potential player if above criteria cannot be met.)

Braves Baseball: Marcus Nettles & Cesar Carrillo

Braves Baseball is proud to annouce our two newest acquisitions to the Braves Training Family.

Former MLB Players Marcus Nettles & Cesar Carrillo

Marcus & Cesar will hold specility training camps every Sunday Starting September 29, 2019.



by posted 09/15/2019
Achieve Sports Medicine - Partnership

Braves Baseball is proud to announce that Achieve Sports Medicine is now the official Sports Medicine Team for the entire Braves Baseball Organization. 

Please Read Below: The vast benefits of our Partnership with Achieve Sports Medicine.



by posted 06/24/2019
Braves Baseball - Development Program



Braves Baseball Academy

in conjuction with our Florida Training affiliates.


Who We Are:
We are professional baseball instructors and coaches. Who are dedicated to developing baseball players and helping them move forward to the next level. Our Instructors work full time, year round developing our players.


What We Teach:
We teach major league actions, footwork, and techniques. This allows a player to develop properly. It is not enough to hit a ball hard or to throw hard. Eventually your tools and actions will be evaluated using the 2-8 MLB system. Your batting average and trophy collection will have no bearing on your baseball future. We develop our players to have perfect balanced swings and perfect glove and body actions that allow them to look smooth, play the game effortlessly, and perform at the highest possible level.
We teach the game of baseball from the feet up.
Braves Pitchers: We make sure that their bodies are developed so that they can pitch with proper mechanics and as we move forward we teach them how to use the body to throw a ball and to take the stress off of the arm. Our pitchers are videotaped and analyzed closely for various red flags than can derail a career prematurely.
Braves Hitters: We make sure that they understand each component of the swing and then how to integrate each part of the swing so that they can have a short powerful balanced swing. Our trainers & instructors are dedicated to our players and our profession and because this is our profession, we do not have a different day job and then teach baseball on the side which many coaches and trainers have to do. Teaching baseball 7 days a week is what we do.


Braves Sequential Development:
Hitting, catching, fielding throwing, running, jumping all start with the feet. If your feet are not working smoothly, these tasks become very difficult. Developing good footwork at an early age is an important link in player development. We develop basic hand and eye skills, we develop body control, we focus on the foot, hand and eye coordination. Then it's about coordinated body movements, it's about explosive movements, it's about balance, then it's about smoothness. Mix in proper mechanics, mental approach and a lot of hard work and we have a working recipe. Along the way, we make sure they have fun and learn how to compete. We teach them how to control their emotions and egos and expectancies. We rebuild their mechanics step by step, we repeat actions until the muscle memory will never let it be done in an incorrect way. Braves Instructors are patient, we are methodical, we are exact in what we are teaching. The players who train with us full time, and who go thru our entire program not only excel, but they are in a class by themselves. Our players will have success for many years into the future. It's guaranteed! As a result, we spend very little time marketing our services because we have a steady stream of clients who have been referred to us by their friends. We appreciate that. We want your player to love the game and to discover how much fun it is to realize his own innate skills. Traditional teaching methods often miss the mark in case you haven't been watching closely.


Braves Baseball Academy Focus:
Training your player and helping them become a great player is our focus. Making sure that players receive correct information and positive reinforcement in a structured environment is our focus. Developing your player to be the best that he can be is a serious business for us and that is why we are focused on it 7 days a week.


Braves Baseball Academy Goals:
We will guide players so that they can achieve their maximum genetic capability. We help Braves players attain their goals. Our goal at Braves Baseball is to provide a long term comprehensive Player Development Program that is athlete centered, science and coach driven, and supported by family. We work with youth, amateur and professional players. Our services range from skill development to athletic development, to positional development. We focus on one player at a time, one day at a time. We train, teach, mentor, and advise players 7 days a week. Braves Baseball will bring our players to Chicago, Florida, and Las Vegas and to train and compete. We guarantee that we can bring your player to the next level if you follow our dynamic training program. That is our promise.


To accomplish this our services include:

  • Private 1 on 1 Training
  • Semi Private - Small group Training and Conditioning
  • Group Conditioning Programs
  • Holiday and Summer Conditioning and Skill Development Camps
  • Pitching- Catching and Hitting Classes
  • Showcase Opportunities
  • Private MLB tryouts
  • MLB style Training Camps in the Dominican Republic
  • Tournaments in the Dominican Republic
  • Player Advisory Services
  • Player Representation both in the USA and in the International Market


The key to success is hard work, preparation, passion, technique, consistency and a long range plan.

Our approach to Player Development embraces all of the above. We teach from the ground up and no stone is left untouched. We teach our players how to stand, walk and run and how to shake hands. They will have swagger and they will learn how to be humble. We have a long term training approach and utilize a modular building block methodology based on years of experience with our training partners and affiliates. If need be, our players will attend dance class or golf class to round out their game. Our players will learn how to teach what they have learned and how to pass it on to younger players. The key is our holistic view and our attention to detail by our instructors. They are also very patient while simultaneously exuding a passion for excellence. The key for each player is to build a strong work ethic on top of an athletic foundation with a respect for both the game and his competition. Along the way we teach him how to move his body like a professional does while learning skill actions that translate into powerful tools. We believe that training and preparation and an expectancy of success are the keys to athletic success. Our players are in training for the Major Leagues, not to make the high school team. Yes, making the High school team is hard and an accomplishment by all means but our players are wired for college and the pros which ensures them a place on the local high school team. We believe that a player development program that is centered around the needs of the athlete which focuses on training first and competition second will maximize his potential for long term success.

by posted 01/20/2018
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Legacy Sports Training - Burr Ridge OPEN (2/28) 
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